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"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"

Our name comes from a 16th century English proverb and nursery rhyme, whose meaning is, "Simply wishing for something is not sufficient to make it happen, action is required as well".

We pride ourselves with being the premier producer of Equine Therapy and Trail Riding Horses. Our team has developed a customized training program to produce different levels of therapy and trail horses. These levels include Hippotherapy, Equine Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Riding, and Trail Riding. We assess our horses in personality and performance to make sure they are being trained to their full potential. Our team will also assess outside horses for potential use in equine therapy activities. If assessment criteria is met, we then develop and train the potential horse for use in a therapy center.

We specialize in breeding and training Foundation Appaloosas and Missouri Foxtrotters. We have the top bloodlines in the breed and are continually seeking to improve the quality of our horses. Our stallions and broodmares are assessed in their potential to produce outstanding offspring. We evaluate our heard for courage, energy level, temperament, conformation, gait, and color. Our mission is to provide the best equine possible for therapy and trail use.

We offer classes and clinics for different rider types and horsemanship levels, as well as provide equine therapy serivces for all types of clients. We provide training to equine therapy professionals for horse handling in a therapeutic setting with their IWWH therapy horse. We also have slots available for a horse training apprenticeship.

susan boyd

Susan and Henry

Susan Boyd- Facilities Manager

Susan is the Owner and Facilities Manager of IWWH. Her love for animals has always been a part of her professional career. She first started working as a high school science teacher. Teaching biology allowed her to incorporate animals in her classroom and where she first realized the potential of animals being used in a therapuetic setting.

She has always had a passion for horses. She started breeding Missouri Fox Trotters in the late 80's, eventually focusing on breeding show horses. In 2007 she started raising Appaloosas, focusing mainly on breeding for gait and color. Her Appaloosa Stallion Redneck is one of very few in the Appaloosa breed to carry the homozygous gene associated with gait.

She graduated from Arkansas State University in 1985 with a B.S. in Biology. She has been certified in Equine Psychotherapy from OK Corral, as well as being certified as a therapuetic riding instructor from PATH International. She has served many clients in Northeast Arkansas in both Hippotherapy and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy.

john harvey

John on Wild Eye

John Harvey- Head Trainer

John has been around horses since he was a child, and it shows. He first developed a love of showing and trail riding and started training his own horses in the early 90's. When word spread about his training he started taking on outside horses.

John first came to work for IWWH as a farrier but it was soon apparent that his talents were also needed in the training program. Susan and John then started compiling the best curriculum for producing top quality trail and therapy horses, keeping safety in mind every step of the way. John has a professional approach to training horses that includes a no nonsense attitude and provides the same results as the top names in the industry.

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